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Are you maybe asking yourself what Harmonie Exotic can be? Or, do you want to try to give it a definition? Actually, it is not simple to describe the main characteristics of this independent label, since it is rich of shades.

It is born after hard work and strong passion for everything I will propose you. Harmonie Exotic comes into the world, in order to dust off and to give again light to those, that in my opinion are, “past treasures” , whit exotic influences, and not only. I would like that the young people of new musical generation know these obscure tracks and can be inspired by them in the beginning of their artistic life.

Jose Manuel

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Alex Dorothée Et Sa Troupe Gavodiè

Au Krisma Discothèque

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Alex Dorothée was born in Guadaloupe, and lived between Paris and his hometown. He began his musical career as part of the band: The Will Boy, Vautours and Les Junior De Paris. He has released 8 albums and several singles. Harmonie Exotic will re-propose you the reissue of the album "Au Krisma Discothèque" released in the mid 80s.